My Single Motivating Purpose in life is to inspire Value-Driven Action  through Polyglottery, Technology and Kaisen.

To me, Polyglottery is about the art and science of conversing in multiple languages, Technology is about some Systematic and Automated Result-Achievement Framework, Kaisen is the spirit of Constant and Never Ending Improvement, Value is about that which we act to gain or keep, Inspiration is about motivation through concrete actions, communication and setting examples. Overall, I intend to go about all these in a somewhat Zen way.

Hi there! I’m a software developer by day, aspiring polyglot by night, and this is my nameplate site. I live in Paris and I like mojitos. (And gettin’ caught in the rain.)

I have many interests, including software development, especially on TDD and agile development methodologies, technology in general, language learning, travelling, spirituality, personal development, podcasting, hosting meetup groups, etc…

I blog about personal development on GrowthJourney, language learning on LingoJourney and IT technical topics on TechieJourney.

Je m’appelle Ben. Je travaille dans la domaine informatique. Je suis un Londonien et j’ai 27 ans. Je voudrais améliorer mon français, pour ça, je viens de venir ici à Paris pour vivre. Je vis à Paris depuis novembre 2013. J’aime courir, le développment personnel et la technologie, j’aime parler de tout et parler de rien avec mes amis bien sûr.

N’hésitez pas de me contacter!

Here are my other portals of web presence:

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