My Effectiveness Book

Title: Impossible to fail
Subtitle: Using the Nanosecond Method to Turbocharge Your Life Forever


Chapter 0: Take the Sweetie Challenge
T1 | Most people fail at their new year resolutions
T2 | Convince yourself that you can succeed
T3 | Do something that you can’t fail at

Most people fail at their new year resolutions, my own research shows that less than 5% of people keep them for over 6 months.

Chapter 1: How to Use the Nanosecond Method
Chapter 2: Only Make Resolutions You Will Fail to Fail
Chapter 3: Doing It
Chapter 4: The Powerful Idea of a Nanosecond
Chapter 5: Make it Public
Chapter 6: Reward
Chapter 7: Forget about Climbing Mount Everest Uphill, Be a Snowball and Roll Thyself Down

Chapter 8: Sleep
Chapter 9: Fitness
Chapter 10: Diet and Nutrition
Chapter 11: Clutter
Chapter 12: Relationships
Chapter 13: Financial Freedom
Chapter 14: Punctuality
Chapter 15: Learning
Chapter 16: Career Development
Chapter 17: Leadership
Chapter 18: Achieving Your Dream
Chapter 19: Upgrade your Social Life
Chapter 20: Having more Fun
Chapter 21: Clarity in Life
Chapter 22: Be Multilingual
Chapter 23: Undertand the World
Chapter 24: Better developer
I resolve to spend one nanosecond thinking pragmatic programming daily.

Chapter 25: Assertiveness.
I resolve to spend one nanosecond practise a Power Pose daily.

Chapter 26: Finding a new job.
I resolve to spend one nanosecond to myself closer to finding a dream job.

I resolve to spend one nanosecond on practising Listening for Insights during meetings when I remember to do so.

I resolve to prepare myself very well for the interview coming at CACIP.

I resolve to get feedback more frequently.

* Follow model of maybe
* Set aside time daily to write?

Afterword: Beyond force of habit

Bonus Chapter | How I Use the Nanosecond Method to write this book
On 2014-03-31, just before April’s Fool Day, I decided to write a book on goal achievements using the the Nanosecond Method.

In short, I commited to take a nanosecond to advance myself in this journey daily. Well, a nanosecond, for those who are not sure, is one thousandth of a milliseond, to give you some perspective and suppose you are a beam of light, you can only travel about 30cm in that light, the point, this SMART goal is ridiculous, you literally can’t fail. I cannot visualise what I can do in one nanosecond myself, so, I committed to typing a fullstop each day if nothing else!

Over the following couple of weeks, on a daily basis, I brainstormed for more and more idea
I did indeed achive this goal.

On 2014-05-07, I purchased the course titled “How to write a book in 24 hours” of Stefan

Over a couple of weeks, I did not really

** Resource | Template | Step-by-step guide to apply the Nanosecond Goal-Setting Method **

Q1 | Which area of life do you want to achieve?

Q2 | What do you want to do, have or be?
I want to write a book

What would be a milestone goal?
I want to write a chapter.

Reduce this milestone goal gradually unitl you arrive at an action that you can achieve in one nanosecond.
I intend to write a section of a chapter. I intend to write a paragraph. I intend to write a phrase. I intend to write a word. I intend to write a letter. I intend to move my fingers towards a pen or a keyboard.

Chapter | The Method
In this chapter, we will explore
* why traditional goal setting does not work for most people
** Willpower is limited
* the Nanosecond Method (NM) in details
* the reasons why the NM works

“I want to write a book”, “I want to run a marathon”, “I want to lose weight”, “I want to be in a relationship”, “I want to be rich”, etc are common things that people say. Each is a vague wish, a vague idea. We either don’t take them seriously or thinking about these sorts of wishes can simply make us more stressed because of the gap between reality and these wishes.

Let’s take a look at one of these, “I want to lose weight”. In a developed country in the modern world, we don’t tend to worry about the availability of food, lots of people overeat and do not do enough exercise. Naturally, these people become overweight and have the associated health worries. Most people know that they should lose weight.

*** Obstacle | Willpower is limited ***
Modern scientific research suggests that willpower is a limited resource. Most people find it difficult to go to the gym at lunchtime. At the end of a work/school day, we feel tired, going to the gym sounds like the last thing that we want to do. [todo | expand]

*** Obstacle | Habit Energy ***
If we habitually do certain things just after work, saying going straight home or meeting up with friends, the habit energy associated with these make it difficult to choose to do something else

If you are reading this book, you have probably heard that any effective goal should be SMART. Let’s revisit the basics about what a SMART goal is.

S stands for Specific. A goal should be specific and not too generic.
M stands for Measurable. A goal should be measurable. There should be a figure or a quantity associated with the goal. So, the goal now becomes “I want to lose 5 kgs”, or even better, “I want to weigh no more than 70kg”.
A stands for Actionable. The goal should be actionable and within our abilities. So, we can have “I want to weigh no more than 70kg by going to the gym and eating more healthily”.
R stands for Realistic. The goal should be realistic.
T stands for Timed. The goal should have a deadline or target date associated. So, we can have “I want to weigh no more than 70kg by 2014-10-01 by going to the gym and eating more healthily”.

“I go to the gym M

With this goal, we now have more clarity. I propose that

Yes, any goal should be SMART, i.e. specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timed.

todo | Expand SMART

How to eat elephant? One bite at a time. No, you should not eat elephants! This is just a figure of speech. How to walk the journey of a thousand miles? One step at a time.

Suppose someone want

How to write a best selling novel? One chapter at a time. Even that is too much for me, so, one sentence at a time. Let’s

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