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I brew my ideas publicly here ☺ (in reverse-chronological order)

// 2019-03-23

N028. Learning Polish

  • https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Polish
  • https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Polish/Feminine_noun_declension

N027. JPM Emerging Markets Fund

  • https://markets.ft.com/data/funds/tearsheet/charts?s=GB0030881550:GBX
  • https://www.fundslibrary.co.uk/FundsLibrary.DataRetrieval/Documents.aspx/?type=point_of_sale&id=cadc17d0-e6ac-491a-a90b-e7f5c7e96f6e&user=s0gWbZnDHerVAjJ5Kw8rVivBzhMHCFPlsw7SU7eeglU%3d&r=1

N026. Hargreaves Lansdown

  • https://www.hl.co.uk/investment-services/lifetime-isa
  • https://www.hl.co.uk/investment-services/lifetime-isa/investment-ideas
  • https://www.hl.co.uk/pensions/sipp
  • https://moneytothemasses.com/saving-for-your-future/investing/hargreaves-lansdown-fund-platform-review#title-anchor-6

N025. How to generate topics for language exchange?

N024. SSAS and SIPP

  • Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) is a type of UK Occupational Pension Scheme.
  • A Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) is the name given to the type of UK government-approved personal pension scheme, which allows individuals to make their own investment decisions from the full range of investments approved by HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC).

N023. On Writing

  • https://writingcooperative.com/the-five-minute-writing-session-and-how-it-can-up-your-writing-game-533f6fc70722

N022. US vs UK property investment terms


N021. What is 401k?

  • In the United States, a 401(k) plan is the tax-qualified, defined-contribution pension account defined in subsection 401(k) of the Internal Revenue Code.

N020. 3+ tips to run a Meetup.com event

  1. Welcome new members
  2. Monetise


N018. What is 2-Second Lean?

N017. Who is John Sonmez?

N016. 10+ Tips for language learning

N015. Power Tips to promote at work

  1. Win-S

N014. My favourite restaurants

~ London

  • Haz Café/Restaurant
  • Wong Kei
  • Misato
  • etc

~ Paris

  • Au chien qui fume
  • etc

N013. Countries I have been to

  • Europe
    1. United Kingdom
    2. France
    3. Spain
    4. Turkey
    5. Germany
    6. Netherlands
    7. Poland
    8. Norway
    9. Denmark – Copenhagen
    10. Latvia
    11. Lithuania
    12. Estonia
    13. Liechtenstein
    14. Italy
    15. Vatican City
    16. Turkey (only European side)
    17. Portugal
    18. Luxembourg
  • Africa
    1. Kenya
    2. Morocco
  • Asia
    1. India
    2. Nepal
    3. Japan
    4. China
    5. Thailand
    6. Korea

N012. Google Docs version


N011. My favourite books (WIP)

  • Personal Development
    • How to Win Friends and influence people
    • How to talk to anyone by Neil Lowndes
    • 7 habits of highly effective people
    • The magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo
    • Getting Things Done by David Allen
  • Buddhism
    • Beginner’s Mind by Suzuki Roshi
  • etc…

N010. Great podcasts for language learning in general

  • How to learn any language by Olly Richard
  • Actual Fluency

N009. Great podcasts for UK Personal Finance


N009. Great podcasts for UK Property Investment

  • Property Voice
  • Property Podcast

N008. Cliffs Notes for Credit Risk

  • What is Credit Risk?
    • Credit risk is the chance of loss resulting from a borrower’s failure to repay a loan or meet contractual obligations.
  • What does Credit Risk traditionally refer to?
    • Traditionally, it refers to the risk that a lender may not receive the owed principal and interest, which results in an interruption of cash flows and increased costs for collection.
  • How to less severity of loss
    • Properly assessing and managing credit risk can lessen the severity of loss.
  • How is credit risk being rewarded?
    • Interest payments from the borrower or issuer of a debt obligation are a lender’s or investor’s reward for assuming credit risk.

N007. The power of Intermittent fasting

N006. Story of Chris and Spanish

N005. Story of Chris and peanut allergies

N004. How to achieve Financial Independence as quickly as possible

  • Find a life partner early on in life who shares the same vision
  • Reduce monthly recurring costs as much as possible
  • Move to a smaller house

life who


N002. Using an SSAS to convert a convert a care home to a residential unit is a bit risky

  • as soon as a toilet or kitchen is fitted, a unit can be considered “residential”

N001. Optimise Pensions

· Q01. What if the pension provider is bankrupt? How much is protected?

· Q02. What if I move aboard? How is tax calculated?

This is an area where we can give you general guidance, but not financial advice. In this respect, our website refers to the security of defined benefit pensions, via the following link: https://www.pensionsadvisoryservice.org.uk/content/publications-files/uploads/DB_Security_SPOT26_V1.3_Aug_2017_.pdf

If you have a defined contribution pension pot, then the next link refers: https://www.fscs.org.uk/what-we-cover/

Our website has factsheets on living abroad and overseas pension transfers, via the following links:



HM Revenue & Customs will require you to get regulated financial advice in the UK and professional financial advice locally before permitting an overseas pension transfer. To find expatriate financial advice from the UK, you could use the “Find an Adviser” search from the Personal Finance Society @ http://www.thepfs.org/yourmoney/find-an-adviser/.

If you type your country in the region search box and tick the appropriate advice specialisms, such as:

• Expatriate Finances

• Financial Life Planning

• Offshore Investing

• Retirement Pensions and Annuities

This should result in a list of UK regulated financial advisers you can contact.

The following UK Government web-address includes 2 links to HM Revenue & Customs Non-Residents section, to ask about general residency and double taxation agreements: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/hm-revenue-customs/contact/income-tax-and-capital-gains-tax-enquiries-for-non-uk-residents

Further advice on benefits for those who live overseas is available at the Department of Work and Pension, International Pension Centre, at the following address:

Department of Work and Pension

International Pension Centre

The Pension Service 11
Mail Handling Site A
WV98 1LW
United Kingdom

Tel: (44) 191 218 7777

Email: tvp.internationalqueries@dwp.gsi.gov.uk

Website: https://www.gov.uk/state-pension-if-you-retire-abroad

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