Ultimate formula for Language Learning Success | Lingojourney’s n pillars of language learning

P0. The Theory of Everything

Like Einstein’s Theory of Everything in physics…

Learning-Success = function(time-on-task, motivation)


By Channges

Whenever you change your environment/method/whatever periodically, your motivation/effectiveness go up. (to cite the pscyhology papers which demonstrate this)

By Motor Neuron

When you witness great learners in action, the relevant neurons in your brain are fired… So, why not listen to podcasts by great learners? | ActualFluency/LanguageIsCulture/LanguageMastery podcasts

By Gamification

See wiki article

P1. Mindset

* It’s about the journey, not the destination
* What is the most effective system? The one that you will actually do, this applies to dieting, fitness training, language training, whatever…

P2. Vocabulary


The key is to repeat each vocabulary/grammar item spaced out about 13 times, with context and emotions, whatever method allows you to achieve this is your method 😉

* Memrise/Anki
* In context

P3. Phrases

* Linguee/Memrise

P4. Grammar

* Grammar books, ideally concise and with lots of sample sentences

P5. Meeting People

* Sites | ConversationExchange.com, etc
* Approach People
** Please allow me to interrupt you for less than one minute
*** “I’m trying an experiment for personal development/to overcome my shyness, I’m trying to see what percentage of people in Paris I can strike up a conversation, (point) I’m keeping tracking here, so, are you willing to chit chat for a couple of minutes
*** “I’ve come across this phrase/vocab, and my vocabulary application is crashing and it’s annoying me, can you explain the meaning of this to me if it doesn’t bother you too much

P6. Comprehensible input

* LingQ, LWT, etc

P7. Fun

* Gamification | Leaderboard

P7. Resourcefulness

* Build up a wealth of resources
That which is made fun get done.

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