Learn Polish with Benson Hoi

Cześć, in this episode, you will learn to say “What are you up to?” with ease.

Co porabiasz?

Co (c-o-) means what, in this case, it is the Accusative here.

Porabiasz (spell) is the 2nd person singular of porabiać
It can mean do, make or set up depending on the context.

Porabiać is impf and the perfective counterpart is porobić

So, let’s practise.

Imagine you are on the phone with a Polish friend and you want to ask your friend what she’s up to? What do you say?

Co porabiasz? x2

Let me suggest a mnemonic for your long term memory.
Imagine a pretty Polish girl is getting POORer exam results and she is BITCHing about it.

Co porabiasz?

I hope you found this mini-lesson useful. Please like this on YouTube and iTunes.

See you next time. Notodo zobaczenia.

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